Take Your Gut Seriously

And understand what it’s telling you

Your gut isn’t just responsible for digestion; it’s a powerhouse that profoundly influences your overall health and wellbeing.

Did you know that around 90% of serotonin – a critical neurochemical that affects mood, sleep, and appetite – is produced in your gut? The truth is, imbalances in the gut can ripple outwards, affecting everything from your mental health to your energy levels and immune response.

The importance of mindfulness in relation to your gut health cannot be overstated. And, high-quality, food-based supplements can act as a potent ally in your journey towards optimal gut health. Some of my favorite ingredients for supporting gut health are:



Special proteins that aid in breaking down carbs and sugars while boosting nutrient absorption. 



Beneficial bacteria that bolster the microbiome, enhance digestion, and support immune function.



A plant-based compound that supports healthy gut lining, and aids in overall digestive health


Medium Chain Triglycerides

Easily digested fat that can be converted into energy, MCTs also foster a healthy balance of gut microbes.

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