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7 Healthy School Lunch Ideas Your Kids Will Love
Hello, dedicated parents! Are you finding yourself in a rut when it comes to packing school lunches? It's easy to fall into a routine of sending the same sandwiches and juice boxes day after day. But what our children consume plays a critical role in their energy...
Essential Vitamins for School Kids
School life, with its backpacks, early bus rides, and recess bells, brings along a whirlwind of activities. From homework to sports practices, our children are constantly on the move. Amidst this daily hustle, it's easy to forget one fundamental aspect: proper...
How to Prioritize Gut Health for Back to School Season
The hustle and bustle of a new academic year is upon us! As we sift through a plethora of healthy back-to-school tips, there's one superhero topic that often gets overshadowed—gut health. Why, you ask? Because it's not just about those trendy backpacks or the sharpest...
From Stress to Success: Natural Strategies for a Calm Mind and Radiant Skin
Every time you peer into a mirror, the reflection staring back may be trying to communicate more than you realize. Our skin, the body's most extensive organ, often manifests the stress and turmoil brewing within our minds. But did you know that the journey to radiant...

In 2021, we packed most of our belongings into a storage unit, moved into an RV with our four children, and began the adventure of a lifetime. Join us as we embark on this unique journey of parenting, focusing on mindfulness and health along the way. 

1000 Hours Outside!

2023 is our second year participating in the #1000HoursOutside initiative. Follow us on Instagram where we share all our outdoor adventures, tips for getting time outside, and ways to make the most of it.

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